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Agonda Beach Huts

Once you’ve landed on the beach the main thing is to find a proper accommodation providing all basic facilities in nominal rates. The rates of beach huts, cottages, resort, or road side lodges keeps on differing in accordance to the change in season. Visiting South Goa and staying at Agonda beach or Palolem beach is not at all a dilemma. It’s natural that tourists have their own class and preference in matter of staying in beach huts. You can easily segregate the classes of beach huts, cottages or beach resort according to your set budget. On may want to stay in classy beach cottage with all superb facilities and so one may will to stay in cheap beach huts with just basic facilities. Such type of accommodation becomes necessary if tourists are going to spend couple of month then it’s quite a wise and feasible option. Following are some beach huts with different types of classes so that tourists need not to waste their precious time and money. One thing tourists should keep in mind while looking out for an accommodation on any beach is that price will differ in sea-view cottages and garden view cottages.

Classy beach cottages at Agonda Beach:

Turtle Lounge: (Turtle Lounge is now Turtle Hill Beachhuts at Patnem Beach)
Agonda Beach Huts GoaThe rent of cottages keeps on changing with the change in season. If a tourist willing to stay in the times of peak season starting from the mid of December to mid of January then it will cost around Rs.8000 per night and from March to the end of April it cost Rs.6000 approximately. As the cottages are expensive enough it does provide best of luxurious comforts concealing your privacy. The reason behind its high cost is that the whole set up of Turtle Lounge is done by a German designer. Staying in Turtle Lounge won’t allow tourist to remorse or if any complaints during their stay. Tourists at any time will get room service and other information if they fall in need of. Turtle Lounge has its own beach shacks, rest room, and restaurant, special beach ware wardrobe if anybody wants to purchase and of course a good quality bar to booze.
More Concise Tariff
15th December - 14 January 8000 Indian rupees per night
Before 15th December and after 15th January - around 7000 INR/night
From March to the end of April it cost 6000 INR/night

Chattai Beach Cottages:
This is also one of the most recommendable cottages online and offline too. It is run by the Manager named Caitano as the owner stays in Mumbai. The cottage is lovely - simple but clean, bed is comfortable and so really you cannot find anything to fault at all! Service boys namely Mol, De Costa and Amit are very friendly and lovely to be around. The food is superb. The laundry service is good and also the mosquito net will ensure your sound sleep. There is also a bar where you can get most of renowned drinks and that too in cheap price.
20th December to 5th January - Rs3000 per night.
Before 20th December and after 5th January - Rs1600 per night.
Entire March month - Rs1200 per night.
Before 30th November and after 31th March - Rs900 per night.

Medium Class Beach Huts at Agonda Beach:

Om Sai Huts:
Agonda Goa Beach HutsTourists who are in want of accommodation in medium range of beach huts can crave for Om Sai beach huts. Gaurav, the owner will provide you the best of service to his customers so that they should feel utmost comfortable. This is the plus sign that attracts tourists to stay in his beach huts again and again. Room is quite spacious, good bathroom facility, a mosquito net for customer’s sound sleep, and simply praiseworthy services from Sudesh and others working under him. If staying at Om Sai beach huts tourists can have their meal to Omkar beach restaurant just next to him and can pay off all bills when they leave. They will also take care and work in more priority if a tourists wants to go some nearby places or simple boat ride. You can easily get car or bike on rent at nominal rates for a whole day.
20th December to 10th January - Rs2500 per night.
Before 20th December and after 10th January - Rs1500 for sea-view and Rs1000 per night for other.
Before 30th November and after 31st March - Rs1300 for sea-view and rs900 per night for other.

Costatina Beach Huts are also worth recommending for any tourists searching for medium class rates. The cost of its huts costs same as above.

Low Class Beach Huts at Agonda Beach:

agonda beachOmkar Beach Huts:

Omkar Beach Huts are closed, Now at same place Gratitude Beachhuts

All the year round you can get huts in just Rs.800 only. A tourist won’t be able to enjoy all facilities in these huts. There is a common bathroom and washroom for all. The hut is not at all spacious and a mosquito net is kept as a preventive measure for malaria. There is a separate restaurant so a customer can have their breakfast and meal either sitting right in front of the beach or in hut itself. Service men are really helpful that will always be ready to guide you.