Goa Weather ChartBeing a coastal state, Goa has a maritime climate with moderate temperatures throughout the year. The average temperature varies between 25°C - 30°C. The state of Goa experiences temperate climate and so you can feel the variation with the change in season. It is due to the coastal Konkan region and the surroundings of Western Ghats that the weather of Goa is generally always found to be pleasant and sunny. You won’t find extremes in the climate of goa so tourists can avail the maximum joy and pleasure in winter season being the ideal time to visit.

Winter in Goa lasts for almost 3 months starting from late November to mid February. It is the coldest in Goa at this time of the year with temperatures ranging from 21 C to 31 C. During the winter season it becomes very difficult especially for foreigners to sustain their life in cold countries like Canada, Germany, Russia, Sweden, France, U.S, Australia, Israel and lot many other as the temperature makes their body numb to live in that milieu. And this is the only reason that from year’s together tourists likes to visit beautiful place like Goa and live in a simply cool and pleasant weather for months.

The summer season is very hot and humid over here. You’ll experience muggy climate that may go over your tolerance. The initial level of heat begins from the month of mid February to May. The temperature goes high gradually. Maximum temperature recorded in Goa during summer is 38° C and minimum temperature is 27° C. Heat strokes and heat fever are common ailments during this season. The plus point is though being in the coastal region, the gentle sea breeze is a welcome soother. Majorly you’ll find tourists resting under the cool beach shacks and drinking gallons of water, fresh fruit juice and chilled beer and drinks. The time from 11 am to 4 pm is seriously intolerable.

Yup, but the rainy season of Goa is the exceptional one as it becomes very difficult to forecast weather from the month of June to September. Southwest Monsoon brings rain in Goa between June and September; the more of rainfall is seen towards the Hilly regions. July is the month that receives maximum rainfall while February gets least amount of rain. No clear demarcations from one season to the other are found except for the monsoons. The average rainfall is recorded is around 300 cm to 350 cm.

Goa India WeatherMonsoon climate starts from June to September, but if you are on a venture and crazy to try out new things in rainy season then surely your heart won’t let you go from this place. Rainfall is very heavy compare to the coastal region of South Goa. During monsoon season it is not at all advisable to swim or dive in any of the beaches of Goa as the tides and waves are so big and horrified that it will take your breath away. Well, a vacation tour came for enjoyment and fun might be dangerous and take your life away. So why not to walk on safe side and be busy in our fun? The scenic beauty when it’s raining is truly marvelous and worth mesmerizing that will last long in your mind.

The most important crop in Goa is Rice as the warm humid climate are the major factors that favors the growth of it and generally grown in the coastal region. Besides rice the other crops like chilies, onions and cash crops are also grown in Goa. Well can be said that mainly plantation of Cashew Mangoes, Areca palm, Kokum and Jackfruit is done in Goa.

The best season to jump in Goa is from October to February, where you can chill out and relax upto the core to attain the tranquility of mind.