How to Book Train Ticket on Indian Railways

  1. IRCTC ( is the official website of India by which any resident of India can book railway ticket through internet.
  2. In order to book railway ticket across India, you should have an account in IRCTC website.
  3. Those who have account can manage to book ticket and if having any difficulty then will guide you how to book railway ticket in IRCTC website.
  4. But, those who do not have account to book ticket, they have to create their own account in IRCTC website. It is compulsory to create account.

Detailed steps on 'How to Signup':

How to Book Train Ticket on Indian Railways (IRCTC):

Firstly, have a careful look over the below image so that it become easy to book railway ticket via online.

Click image to enlarge How to find train on IRCT for ticket booking
For Clear & Better Understanding again have careful looks on the below images as an example: {If a person 'X' wants to travel from 'Delhi' to 'Jaipur' on 1st October (1/10/11).}

  1. Type the place from where you'll board the train.

  2. Type the destination place.

  3. Select the date of traveling by clicking on the calendar icon.

  4. When booking online ticket generally say 99% of people prefer/select 'E-ticket' option in 'Ticket Type'. (For more details click here)

  5. a) If you're booking the ticket within 90 days from the date of traveling then select 'General' ticket type.
    b) In case of emergency or by any reason you want to book ticket then select 'Tatkal' ticket type. Tatkal ticket is booked before 2 days from the date of traveling.

  6. If wants to correct something or if have entered wrong value then can correct it by clicking on 'Reset'.

  7. If have entered everything correctly then simply click on 'Find Trains' button in order to get the details of trains.

  8. You'll land on a page like this. (Train details differs on daily basis)
  9. Select the train according to your planned time.

  10. a) If you want to travel in 'First Class AC' class then click under '1A' column.
    b) If you want to travel in 'First Class (not air-conditioned)' then click under 'FC' column.
    c) If you want to travel in 'AC 2-Tier Sleeper' class then click under '2A' column.
    d) If you want to travel in 'AC 3-Tier Sleeper' class then click under '3A' column.
    e) If you want to travel in 'AC Chair Car' class then click under 'CC' column.
    f) If you want to travel in 'Sleeper' class then click under 'SL' column.
    g) If you want to travel in 'Second Sleeper' class then click under '2S' column.

  11. To know the fare of the ticket, click on 'Get Fare'. Train detail will get displayed in the following way.

  12. To know the 'Fare Summary' kindly click on it and you'll see the box like this.
    IRCTC Fare Summary

  13. a) Enter the names of the passengers who are traveling, age, sex & berth preference for each passenger.
    b) The maximum number of characters allowed in names is 15.
    c) State your preference for the berth. (Preferred berth depends on it's availability)
    d) If the passenger is a senior citizen (male - 60yrs & above, female - 58yrs & above) and wants to avail Senior Citizens' concession (male - 40% of base fare, female - 50% of base fare) then put a tick under the 'Senior Citizen' box provided.

  14. Provide the details if you're traveling with a child below 5yrs. No ticket is issued for them.

  15. For Auto Upgradation of the ticket you may 'check the box' or leave it 'uncheck'. It solely depends on your wish.
    IRCTC Ticket Reservation Form

  16. The details of ticket, availability of tickets at the particular time and the fare including tax & service charge, appear on the screen along with the payment option.
    IRTC online Ticket Booking

  17. Click on the button "Make Payment" and a pop-up window will give the list of payment options. Choose one of the modes of payment. You can opt either for credit card, debit card, cash card & credit card EMI options.
    IRCTC Online Ticket Booking Payment  Options

  18. After successful payment, the User is shown then ticket confirmation details. On this stage no editing can be done in ticket if any user wants to, it's final. Click on 'Print ERS(Electronic Reservation Slip)' button and get the print out of your ticket. You can get the railway ticket print out in English or Hindi language as your prefer.

  19. The customers can subsequently also print Electronic Reservation Slip from the 'Booked Tickets' link on the left navigation bar.

  20. And if you want to book return ticket, click "Book Return Ticket" and you'll get redirected on "Plan my Travel" page with the 'From' and 'To' station swapped.

IRCTC Rules & Norms

  1. Railway ticket can be booked by any resident of India.

  2. E-ticket means electronic ticket. Most no. of people prefers e-ticket only as it solves the purpose at instant. But do remember always; on the day of traveling keep an original any of your i.d proof (List of Vali Id Proofs Information List of Vali Id Proofs ›› Voter identity card,
    ›› passport, PAN card,
    ›› driving license,
    ›› photo ID card issued by Central/state government,
    ›› student identity card with photograph issued by recognized school/college for their students,
    ›› nationalized bank passbook with photograph,
    ›› credit cards issued by banks with laminated photograph.
    ›› For non-Indians, their passport will constitute sole authorized ID.
    ). Also, if you're ticket is showing the 'Waiting' status on the day of traveling then you can't board the train. Ticket will get automatically cancelled and the amount will get refunded into your bank account within 3-4 working days.

  3. E-ticket can be cancelled by the user before the preparation of the chart or by sending an email at the earliest possible time to giving full details of the ticket and stating the claim.

  4. I-ticket means identification ticket. Those people who want their railway ticket to be delivered at home may go for this option.

  5. a) While booking either e-ticket or i-ticket if the transaction gets failed by any reason. Like the amount gets debited from the user's bank account & the ticket is not issued then in that case you'll get the refund from IRCTC of the entire fare & service charges. But, the bank transaction charge will get forfeited.
    b) Ticket can be cancelled on any time.

  6. In case, while checking the status of the train if it's marked as "CANCELLED" in PRS then full refund is permissible if the ticket is cancelled within 72 hours of the scheduled departure of the train or even customer can himself make such cancellations of e-tickets through internet.

  7. I-ticket can be cancelled at your nearest railway station from 08:00a.m to 08:00p.m on weekdays and from 08:00a.m to 2:00p.m on Sundays.

  8. Just remember 'Cancellation Charges' works on one basic rule - The amount deducted is based on the time of cancellation and the status of your ticket.

  9. Quota of Tatkal tickets open before 1 day from the date of traveling. And, Quota of general tickets opens for 90 days from the date of traveling.

  10. To book Tatkal E-tickets, the passenger is entitled to enter the ID proof type and number.

  11. During the journey, the passenger, whose ID proof was used while booking the ticket have to produce original ID proof type shown on the ticket. And in case, if that passenger is not carrying, all the passengers booked on the ticket shall be treated as "Travelling without Ticket" and charged accordingly.

  12. No. of passengers can be booked on Tatkal e-ticket per PNR is FOUR.

  13. Wish you a Very Happy & Safe Journey.