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Nightlife at Palolem BeachAgonda Beach

     Night Life in palolem GoaIf you’re on Palolem Beach then barely you’ll think of to hang out at some other nearby beach. There are not quite of good night spots to chill out in South Goa as compare to North Goa. In order to enjoy the freaking nightlife and shopping with pals then North Goa could be the best place. Bashing and getting wild in club parties of North Goa will make your mind lose control on you. But, enjoying the nightlife in south goa will picture completely different type of feeling only. There is an ample space for couples and lovers to make the most out of it.

The best place to chill – pill is at Neptune Point near to Palolem Beach. It’s just a walking distance of a mile long to reach your destiny. The party is being held on every Saturday and it’s has gained popularity in the entire world by the name of ‘Silent Noise’. The late night beach party is conducted by foreigners only at 10:00p.m or 11:00p.m and goes till by 4:00a.m. Undoubtedly, it’s the best place near to Palolem Beach especially for teen lovers and youngsters where you can enter into wild and party mood just in couple of minutes only. The reason of giving the name of ‘Silent Noise’ is that an individual should plug the headphones properly on his music mad head to listen the different channels of music like trance music, hard rock music or pop music to groove on the dance floor. Well, you can take the pleasure of dancing with the headphone by paying rs500 or else enjoy watching all lovely people out there.

Some of the Discotheques that you must visit:
Taj Exotica - Benaulim
Aqua - The disco below the lobby at The Leela, Mobor - Cavelossim
GATSBY’S - Colva
Alvoc - Colva Beach
Ziggy’s - Colva Beach
Johnny Cool’s - Colva Beach
Gravity Pool - Inside Radisson White Sands Resort, Varca
Holiday Inn Resort - Goa, Mobor - Cavelossim
Kenilworth Resort - Utorda Beach

Silent Noise Beach Party - Palolem
Silent Noise Beach party Palolem GoaSilent Noise is a world recognized headphone party being held at Neptune Point next to Palolem Beach, South Goa and the place has undoubtedly left its mark on the parties. It can be called as an idyllic beach town home as the organizer has found out a rare location for all tourists and other local visitors. The diversity seen among all tourists makes them fall in love with this place. The party atmosphere has shrugged off, which end up with a laid back festival air.

Silent Noise Party is fixed on every Saturday’s and Retronica on every Wednesday’s at Neptune Point. A person if wants to get down on the floor then needs to pay for the wireless headphone which costs rs500 and plus rs500 as deposit which is returned when the headphone is returned to the concerned member of Silent Noise. Let’s have a glance over the crew members and the events that take place in Silent Noise Party.
* Justin Mason
* Dan Booth
* Ma Faiza
* Phabi-D
* Axailes
* Braund Reynolds
* Djuma Sound system

Silent Noise DJs plays varied music like Electro House, Funky House, & Tek House to captivate the minds of all people present on the dance floor. Behind a big screen projector famous dancers like Georgie, Elle, Nikki Mullins, Rosie, Zoe & Rozzle in their best alluring poses keeps on shaking their bums and right in front of the screen all others keeps them engaged in their own dance, which is quite funny. The organizers have also made arrangements of a circus show which is simply mind blowing. The hilarious acts of performers are really outstanding so that no person would get bugged up by only dancing.

Silent Noise’s website designer Oli Pyle has aptly said in his website that “Noise” is created by rich splashes of color which is masked out by the Silent Noise logotype. This bold, edgy feel really captures the atmosphere of this club night based in Goa. “To design and produce a striking website which conveys the vibrant party atmosphere of the Silent Noise club nights.”

Neptune Point is the birth place of Silent Noise. Neptune’s Point is located on a rocky peninsula on the left side of the beach. On the left side of the Palolem beach, you can easily locate a rocky peninsula known as Neptune Point where hippies can view the entire of Palolem coastline in night. The rave party with hard drinks, intake of drugs along with trance music tuning in 3 different music stations will literally mesmerize your senses to get into the party atmosphere. Every crew member of Silent Noise has put in their best efforts to strive for phenomenal success and wishes to spread their legs all over Goa without going beyond the system and law.

The concept of Justin Mason really deserves the loud round of applause which can be seen by the positive response received from all tourists. The party starts from 10p.m to 4p.m with stereo sound super quality sound at three different music stations in a wireless headphone. It is difficult to describe just how surreal this feels but it is a fantastic idea. The organizer of Silent Noise is very committed to preserving their reputation as a peaceful getaway from annoying late-night bass bumping and high-pitched party screams. The partygoers grooving the dancing floor, bashing & boozing along with narcotic drugs makes all attempts to get into the wild mood. International DJs pumped out top quality music and the experience is totally intense – simply awesome! It is hilarious when you take off the headphones and see people dancing in the silence; or when two people are listening to different stations and dancing in opposite rhythms. Headphones, drinks, multi-channels playing the best of house/trance music are all available at the venue you only need to carry bohemian spirit along with you.

Agonda Parties
Goa Night Beach PartiesYou might be thinking of to shift over to North Goa, as there is more number of hang out places for youngsters. Well, let me tell you one thing that opting South Goa to groove on the dance floor is not at all a bad choice. Places are very near to Agonda Beach to hang out; you can easily get an auto-rickshaw or mode of transportation to reach the destiny.

Goa is state of India where you can have drinks while eating the delicious food or the sea cuisine. It’s really a very good combo to eat your favorite food, with chilled beer and that too on the beach with a background music playing, what more you want? You just demand and have a talk with local people and you’ll get it. I really don’t think so that there is anything missing in Goa to bash the nightlife, but if you thinks so then e-mail me and of course, I’ll be there to help you out. Coming to the bottom line Goa itself is a party kind of place…….so no remorse.

Below here are some of the famous Night-Out spots of South Goa:
Colva Beach
Johnny Cool's

Features of the South Goa Discotheques:
- Efficient DJs
- Loads of Music
- Lots of Drinks
- Heaps of Fun and Frolic
- Plenty of Dances
- Theme Parties
- Trance Music in some
- Flamboyant Decoration
- Liberalistic Ambience