North Goa

Arambol Beach:
Vegator Beach GoaThe coastline of North Goa starts from Fort Aguada and extend up to Arambol making it a 30 km stretch of beautiful beaches. The white sand beach is dominated by small hill and little bit rocky crags, and is still comparatively uncluttered. This beach is not much fascinated by foreign tourists but still attracts as comparatively it’s not spoilt much. The nearby cliffs are popular for paragliding.

Morjim Beach:
Morjim beach lies just north of the Chapora River in the district of Pernem and is a picturesque portion of North Goa Beaches. This Beach is the breeding ground and nesting site for the protected species of Olive Ridley Turtles which in turn attracts hundreds of tourists and others. Morjim beach is one of the quietest beaches in North Goa where you can relax and live with comfort.

Chapora Beach:
Chapora is a coastal village lying alongside a beach stretch in North Goa that is around 10 km. from Mapusa, a City in Northern Goa. Crouched in the shadow of an Old Portuguese fort on the opposite, northern side of the headland from Vagator, Chapora, it is also close to a trawler-fishing jetty. The main tourist attraction is the Chapora Fort and more reason is that visitors can also go nearby beaches like Vagator Beach & Anjuna Beach. The infrastructure of houses built in dense groves of coconut palms is worth noticing.

Vagator Beach:
Vagator beach is 25 Km from Panjim in North Goa. Because of Chapora Fort and its pristine beauty & white sands, thousands of tourists are fond of visiting Vagator Beach. The accommodation ranges from simple beach shacks to serious luxury resorts. Vagator Beach is split into two main beaches by a seaside headland which holds the car park and lots of stalls selling trinkets, clothes, soft drinks and snacks. As you face the sea, on your right is North Vagator Beach (Big Vagator) and on your left Ozram Beach, more commonly known as Little Vagator Beach. During the tourist season, it is a favorite venue for mid night parties. If a tourist wants to enjoy upto the core and pass good time then it provides excellent and hassle – free atmosphere just like Anjuna Beach. HillTop in Vagator is a popular spot for parties and is a huge tourist attraction for the youth. New Year tends to be the most chaotic with crowds easily in the thousands attending a party at Hilltop.

Anjuna Beach:
Anjuna Beach GoaThis beach is situated about 18kms from Panajim, the capital city of Goa which is surrounded by immense coconut groves. It was a famous destination for hippies during the sixties and seventies. It currently faces the problems that all of Goa faces: garbage disposal, unauthorized land conversion, usurpation of community land, and a disregard for the rule of law. Main attractions of Anjuna Beach are the magnificent Albuquerque Mansion built in 1920. Anjuna is known throughout North Goa and to travelers from all over the world for its flea market at the Beach (Wednesdays), where one can find anything from Indian souvenirs to Trance music. Anjuna is often called the birth place and home of Trance Music and Electronic Dance Music by many famous DJ's. Anjuna is also known as the hippie capital of Goa, although its star seems to be fading as tourism takes hold. But now it has become one of the aging tourist destinations of the state, with too many so-called "Binktakars" posing a threat on the beaches.

Baga Beach:
This beach comes under the jurisdiction of Calangute, which is 2 km to south. Baga is known for its brown sands, and creek, the Baga Creek. This is the one the most famous and happening beach of North Goa. Baga beach’s nightlife is the liveliest in the area that end up revelers at Tito's, which has the only dance floor and hefty sound system outside a big hotel for miles. Women are allowed in for free; "unaccompanied" men and couples have to pay. You can see many of tourists are engaged in fishing activity on this beach. The Saturday night atmosphere is something different which makes this beach as one of the busiest beaches in North Goa. A person can also do parasailing, water gliding, can ride on a water scooter and others as Baga beach can be called as main hub of all water sports.

Calangute Beach:
Calangute is a census town in North Goa. Calangute is 10 km from Mapusa City, & 18 km from Panjim the capital of Goa. The town is popular due to water sports, which are offered on the beaches of Calangute. It is famous for its beach, visited by domestic and international tourists alike. The peak tourist season is during Christmas and New Year, but still the rush of tourists can be seen till May. There are a lot of shops as well as stalls where one can see good quality Indian Handicraft Items. This beach is best known for luxurious beach resorts, headed by the posh visitors. The ‘Tinto Market’ is a famous spot of the Calangute beach.

Candolim Beach:
It is situated just south of the famous Calangute beach, and is popular tourist destination. Candolim beach is much popular with backpackers, and tend to be a little more sober compared to the Calangute Beach. Candolim is very quiet, and this is due to the fact that there aren’t resorts all around the beach. If you find Candolim beach lit bit expensive then there are a variety of accommodations available nearby. The scenic beauty and the water sport activities of the beach keeps attracting many tourists to live up the life with ease and comfort.

Miramar Beach:
Mira Mar Beach GoaThe beach lies 3 km away and is the nearest beach from Panajim, the capital city of Goa. Situated on the Mandovi River, it is a small beach that hosts some events occasionally. It is the nearest beach to the Goan capital and unarguably the most visited beach of Goa. Hordes of people, mostly tourists, are found every day flocking to this beach. A range of budget hotels and a youth hostel are available here. It is not a safe beach to swim. Originally named Gasper-de-dias because of the Portuguese influence, the name was then changed to the ever-popular Miramar. One can also have a closer view of the graceful and playful dolphins over here. Main attractions are ‘Dayanand Bandodker Marg’ and ‘Dona Paula beach’ which are closely located from this beach.

Dona Paula Beach:
The beach lies 7 km away from the west of Panajim. It is the home of a historic British war-graves cemetery. After the end of Portuguese rule in Goa in 1961, Dona Paula became a fashionable residential area and address. The best area & also the most expensive area within Dona Paula is MACHADO COVE, where Cidade is located as well. The mystery related to this beautiful beach of Dona Paula de Menzes case, who jumped off from the cliff when refuse to marry a fisherman, brings tourists from all over the world. The beach also provides a good view of the Mormugao harbor and enthralls everyone who visits this beautiful site. This beach can also be said the main hub as all water sports activities is conducted freely over here. Cabo Raj Bhavan is the residence of the governor of Goa.

Sinquerim Beach:
Sinquerim is famous beautiful beach and 16 km away from Panajim. The famous coastal fort built by the Portuguese, Aguada Fort is located here. The beach is clean and is considered an ideal place for swimming.

Bambolim Beach:
The beach is located 7 km away from Panajim city. The beautiful beach has been converted to a beach resort, called as Bambolim Beach Resort. The resort is also an ideal place for those who wish to rejuvenate their body and mind. The beach has excellent facilities for water sports like surfing, sailing, scuba diving and a safe spot for swimming.