Palolem Beach Huts

Facilities at Palolem Beach

goa beach holidaysJust getting on the beach is not everything that one should think of and so the first task to accomplish is to get proper accommodation of your budget. Make it a tendency to deal with the owner of beach huts in some different way out so as not to get negative response from them. Generally the price of all beach huts, exquisite huts, luxurious cottages and vintage huts are quite high in the month of November & December and in rest of season the rates are low and fair enough with all tourists. There are different types and class of huts you’ll come to notice while freaking out on white sand of the Palolem beach and so you may opt in accordance to your comfort and needs. Beach huts that are available in cheap rates will not provide bathroom and washroom facilities. If you want to freshen up yourself then there is common bathroom for all. One more important point that I would like to mention that accommodating in sea view beach huts costs high as compared to garden view beach huts.

But getting an accommodation is not a big hurdle for any tourists that you need to run out from your mind. It would be easy to turn up and advisable to find a hut if before leaving you make a short note of some good recommended names of beach huts owners, their e-mail i.d and phone numbers. Tourists simply can’t wait and there is not a yellow smiley icon to add which would do justice in displaying their excitement. Let it be clear with all you lovely people there is no hospital nearby and the general hygiene and sanitation of the restaurants in Palolem is abysmal.

Market: Palolem Market Goa
The Palolem market really deserves the words of appreciation. The market is comparatively big & good enough from other beaches. The role of Palolem market in attracting tourists plays one of the major roles in attracting tourists, making a lively atmosphere for every particular tourist. You can also find Tibetan shops displaying handicraft products on the way to Palolem Beach. For clothing and apparel you’ll find so many shops displaying the outlet on the side of the road on the way to Palolem Beach. The quality of the material is quite good but the rate goes high in pick season and low in off season. The village has several cafes and souvenir stalls catering to day-trippers who arrive in droves on sight-seeing tours of the beaches. There is variety of shops that you need to spare some couple of hours to have a look at it. Tourist won’t find anything missing and out as they can easily get all necessary items that you may fall in need of. Palolem market is a big trade chain to supply of others too.

Dental Care:
Just near to the Himalaya Shop there is a small dental care unit. Well, you may not find big facilities in this shop but it will surely solve out your problem in mean time. So stay free with dental care if facing teething troubles. It’s time to get back your sweet smile.

ATM’s/Money Exchange:

You may not find any ATM facility on the Palolem Beach or any other beach too. But if you are running short of money then let me guide you in the best way I can. The simplest way would be to withdraw cash from any good bars/restaurant that is familiar and trustworthy. There are some cafes, bars or restaurants that offer money exchange facility to their customers and also to others by charging some nominal rate from you. If you’ve been carrying credit card, debit card, VISA card or traveler’s cheque then you are not prone to face big hurdles. Yup, tourists should not forget at any cost to keep passport with them if the transaction is of traveler’s cheque. But if you want to opt for ATM’s only then take a rickshaw or any mode of transportation till Chaudi – the main city of South Goa (4kms away from Palolem Beach). At Chaudi, ATM’s are easily visible so need not to ponder right from very beginning. But, if you’re in North Goa then you’ll hardly face any money problem as the ATM’s facility is well flourished.

Healing out the body pain through ayurvedic massage is the best way to relieve from stress buster and workaholic atmosphere of life. Females need not to fret out as masseuse service is waiting for you. There you’ll see lot many advertising, hoardings and boards of Ayurvedic Massage on the beach that are besides the coco huts and under the cool shelter of big coconut trees. The use of Himalaya oil, coconut oil and some other different ayurvedic oil is generally being used by all. Here the rates as usual are high in Christmas and New Year time and low in off season, which is being calculated on per hour basis.

Well, you may hear the talks of dodgy massage but that whole and sole depends on an individual. Seedy characters may try to turn on…….but on the other hand it has its own pleasure and willingness.

Library PalolemgoalThe reading culture was wide spread in Goa by foreigners only. There are many tourists who like to pass their time by reading books. Well, reading books on the beach is a common culture and can be easily available from the open market of Palolem Beach. You’ll also come to notice bookshelves or a small collection of books in many bars and restaurants. Tourists staying from months just walk off to their country back leaving their books then gradually like becomes a good collection for the rest of foreigners. You can easily get books of your type, language and author. If can’t then you can also purchase second hand books from shops coming on the way to Palolem Beach.

Not only books but you can also catch hold of the best of music collection of your favorite album and singer. What’s more? Don’t get startled by the collection of blockbuster movies, action films, and romantic - comedy films of Hollywood & Bollywood. It can be said that Palolem Beach takes care of your entertainment factor also.

Laundry Service:
When people are on a vacation tour or journey then it’s but obvious that you may need the laundry facility for neat and tidy clothes to wear on. Tourists can avail the benefit of pick & drop facility in laundry service as being Cyber Cafe Money Exchange in Palolem Goaprovided by the owner of the respective beach huts only. So, now it’s a time to say bye – bye of your clothing problem. Get into your clean beach apparels and let the fragrance of your body be felt by others.

Internet Surfing:
Now, cybercafé is a very common thing that you can notice almost at every beach and that too more in numbers. Tourists should not worry at all of losing their contact or touch from their closed ones. The internet surfing rates are based on per hour and so likewise it’s charged from all. You can easily find the cybercafé with Air Condition facility too. So what are you waiting for? You can e-mail or VOIP call to enclose into one knot with your closed ones. What’s more Airtel EDGE service has also been started in Goa so those tourists having laptops/notebooks can also enjoy the advantages of it.