Palolem Beach Huts

Cozynook Beach Huts, Palolem

It’s situated on the northern end of Palolem beach and it enjoys excellent view. It has nearly 25 beach huts and is known as ‘Tree House’. At Cozy Nook, its front yard is Palolem beach and its back yard is a pleasantly contrasted picturesque lake which will not allow you to leave the place soon.

It’s The staff is friendly and very kind and helpful too. It offers all facilities like hot shower, clean bed sheet, sleeping net, laundry service, food and travel at desk. The room is much spacious with attached bathroom and made in an artistic way. You can heal out all your worries, pain and everything by relaxing on the roof top which adds passion and romance for couples.

Accommodation rate is Rs.1500 - Rs.2500 per night. Rates will differ as per the season changes.

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Cozynook Beach Huts Right View, Palolem Beach, Goa Cozynook Beach Huts Restaurant, Palolem, Goa